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Fred Hicks zur Magie in Fate Core

Auf die Frage wie Magie im kommenden Fate Core Regelwerk laufen wird sagt Fred Hicks von Evil Hat folgende, in unseren Augen klugen Worte ( in Malmsturm wurde es ja ähnlich gelöst!):

Fate Core is an advance in the technology of Fate, enough so that I’m not sure I’d refer to it as Fate 3 any longer. The name’s not a misnomer; we’re looking at really drilling down to the essentials of the game and push that on forward.

Importantly, we’re making very few assumptions about your setting and your game with Core. I believe we’ll be showing you how to build on extensions of your own, and down the line we’re likely to put some toolkits out there to help folks extend without having to do design work themselves, but I say this not having sat down and read all of the chapters just yet. :)
(Related to that, *magic* is a very setting specific thing, so by our philosophy as evident here, it might be weird to provide much in the way of a magic system in Core, lest it be seen as the system for magic. But like I said, that’s something Lenny should speak to directly.)
Editing is underway, and we hope to have some more news for folks by Novemberish, if not before.


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