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magische Heilung mit FATE

Vielerots wird über die Heilregeln diverser FATE-Regelwerke diskutiert. Malmsturm verwendet die Regeln wie sie in der SRD von Spirit of the Century angewandt werden. Manchen Leuten ist das zu erzählerisch oder sie wollen einen magiebegabten Heilkundigen spielen. In der offiziellen Newsgroup von Fate ist derzeit eine Diskussion im Gange die genau das zum Inhalt hat. Ein recht interessanter Ansatz den Chester verfolgt ist dieser hier, den ich, da nicht jeder einer Yahoo-Newsgroup beitreten will mal hierherkopiere:

One of my players wanted to look at playing a magic healer. Since there were no good examples in either the books or the RPG rules (at least not that I found) this is what I came up with and I think it would work to preserve the rarity of magical healing. I based it on the theory that both stress and consequences take time to heal Since the player is going for an instant removal they must essentially use magic to pay both the stress cost and the time shifts.

Wiping Stress (5 + stress)
Stress clears automatically after the scene ends, assuming it takes at least a half hour to accomplish anything worth a scene, and that stress generally happens in the middle rather than the beginning of a scene, it’s fair to say it will be hanging around for 15 minutes. This means the character must pay 5 time shifts (15 minutes -> instantly) plus actually deal with the stress.

Mild Consequences (9 shifts)
Since mild consequences stick around for a while longer, I rate them at an hour (2 half hour scenes + some rest) this means they need 7 shifts for the time + 2 more shifts for the stress

Moderate (17 shifts)
Moderate consequences stick around till the end of the next session, assuming sessions occupy around a week of in game time this means they last on the order of a few weeks. 13 shifts for the time + 4 for the stress

Severe (24 shifts)
Severe Consequences last several months or 2-3 sessions so it would be around 17 to 18 time shifts (I prefer 18 i.e. half a year) + 6 shifts for the stress

Extreme (30 shifts)
I figure permanent is roughly equal to a mortal lifetime and then some so 22 shifts for the time + 8 more for the stress.

It seems that a wizard with some bonuses to evocation could manage to wipe stress and maybe a mild consequence, but moderate and up will require thaumaturgy/rituals to do. Adding that to use magic to heal is a stunt with refresh cost of 2, and I think you have an expensive yet workable healing system. This is predicated on my reading that each round of thaumaturgy causes mental stress like an evocation does. If you’re not using the fractal option below, you get one chance to heal it.

If you want to go all fractal on it:
Each consequence defends with skill equal to it’s stress value. It has a duration stress track equal to the number of time shifts that it sticks around for. To represent the effects of „normal“ game time on duration, once a period of time equal to one shift more than the lowest open box has passed, fill in the lowest open box. Failed „attacks“ could add empty boxes to the higher end of the track. An opponent could also make an attack that tries to add extra boxes to the upper end of the track too. Once you have tried magical healing, the next box must be filled from the passage of time before you can try again.

I haven’t had a chance to actually playtest it yet, but let me know what you think.


Darraufhin antwortet Dan:

The scheme that I came up with for healing is that you have to reduce a consequence’s severity with shifts equal to the consequence. So, a Severe consequence would take 6 shifts to make it a moderate, then 4 shifts to make it mild, and then 2 more shifts to completely heal. So, 12 shifts in total.

You can read the whole thing here http://nevenall.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/player-heal-thy-self-comtemplating-a-healing-mechanic-for-fate-and-brave-new-heroes/

I also had this thought about Dresden specific healing…what if you can’t really „heal“ damage? What if a wizard can only move it around? From an ally to himself, or from an ally to a monster.  :)


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